QUICK GUIDES: Chicago Manual of Style vs. AP Stylebook

My cheat sheet is your cheat sheet.
Blue = Chicago (CMS) 
  Orange = AP   Black = Chicago and AP agree.

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Holidays and Notable Days

Proper spelling, punctuation, and capitalization of U.S. holidays and notable days Chicago Manual of Style 16 (books) and AP Stylebook …

US, U.S., or United States

  Quick glance CMS 17: in the US and US intervention (noun and adjective) CMS 16: in the United States …

U.S. States and Territories

States—spell out or abbreviate? Both CMS and AP agree, spell out state names within text. Abbreviate state names in lists, …

Titles: Capitalization and Alterations

Black=Chicago and AP agree. Blue=Chicago only. Orange=AP only. AP: Sentence-style capitalization for headlines If you are writing a news headline, …

Altering Quotes and Using Sic

About [sic] [sic] signifies that a word is quoted exactly as stated in the original, despite an obvious error. The …


Chicago Manual of Style follows this dictionary: Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th edition (I abbreviate this as MW11 throughout this …

Henderson Connections e-book

Welcome, visitors from Henderson Connections! The rest of this site is still under construction and in super-rough-draft form, but I …

What I Do

As a writer, you should write! When you’re in your zone, you shouldn’t have to worry about a million details and rules, or about maintaining absolute consistency. Let me do that for you! I work directly with authors, writers, and publishers on articles, academic papers, and both nonfiction and fiction books.


My goal is not to blindly follow rules or impose authority, but instead to make it as clear and consistent as possible for the reader. I follow style guide rules (Chicago or AP), but sometimes following a rule causes unnecessary awkwardness. In those cases, I refer to my number one goal—to make it clear!


I also write high-quality book indexes that include not just names and terms, but broader concepts. No software or app can write a book index automatically. Beyond marking names and terms, indexing requires thinking like a reader, identifying concepts, removing unhelpful items, organizing it perfectly, and reorganizing it again.

I have ten years of experience working with authors and publishers, eight years of experience working in media and advertising, and a degree in journalism. I have been a full-time freelance copyeditor and indexer since 2016. Words are my passion.