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Henderson Connections e-book

What the Henderson Connections e-book looks like printed out. 252 pages! I sent this printed copy to Vivian Castleberry in February 2017.

Welcome, visitors from!

With a steady stream of visitors to the website, I redesigned Henderson Connections as a book. It’s easier to read on a portable device, to print if needed, and to find what you need with a proper back-of-the-book index. It’s the exact same content as the website, but much prettier. Read in whichever format you prefer!

Download the e-book here

Be careful if you are printing. It is a whopping 252 pages long! Tell your print dialog which pages you want to print.

Henderson Connections 2017-05-13b.pdf

File is 34MB.

Printing Note: Don’t use your printer’s “2-sided print” or “duplex print” setting. It will likely cause muddied photos, grayish text, and slightly shrunken content. See bottom of page for more details and the print settings I use.

Or take a peek here:

Zoom feature on touchscreen: Disable zoom feature with the 4-corner rectangle button if you are on mobile or touchscreen. It’s nice on the computer screen with a mouse, but terrible on mobile!
Turn page on touchscreen: Drag from corner of book page.

Printer settings

After much trial and error, I learned NOT to use my printer’s “2-sided print” or “duplex print” setting. It muddies up the colors, makes the text dark gray instead of black, and slightly shrinks the page content. Turns out this is fairly standard among inkjets, and somehow, I never knew!

Here is how I print double-sided from Acrobat on my Canon inkjet without destroying the appearance. I know all our setups are different, but maybe it will help.

From Acrobat, File – Print (or Ctrl-P).

Printer – Properties:
Choose High or Standard print quality. Uncheck “Print from last page.” Uncheck “Duplex printing.” OK.
Back in the Acrobat print dialog, choose:
Pages: Make it an odd page through an even page (e.g., 1-20)
More options→ Odd or even pages: EVEN PAGES ONLY, check REVERSE PAGES.
Page sizing : ACTUAL SIZE, Leave “Print Both Sides” unchecked.

When done printing evens, your stack should be in the correct order: 2, 4, 6, etc. (not reversed).
Turn stack so BLANK SIDE FACES YOU, TOP EDGE POINTS DOWN, and place back in the print feeder.

File – Print (or Ctrl-P)
Pages – type in the same pages as before (e.g., 1-20)
More options→ Odd or even pages: ODD PAGES ONLY, check REVERSE PAGES.